An NGO formed by like-minded family and friends20210731132800

An NGO formed by like-minded family and friends

sannyJuly 31, 20210 comments
PETALING JAYA: Inspired by a television programme about food banks in the United States, Datin Tina Ali Abdullah rounded up a few concerned friends to...
31 July 202120210731012100

31 July 2021

sannyJuly 31, 20210 comments
Our food distribution to Baram, Sarawak was the most challenging so far but Alhamdulillah, the volunteers got it done, against all odds. Our Sarawak c...
30 July 202120210730012500

30 July 2021

sannyJuly 30, 20210 comments
FreeFood Society received an urgent appeal for food aid from Sri Cempaka flats in Lembah Pantai. These are RED AREAS. Many of the flats are under quar...
27 July 202120210727012800

27 July 2021

sannyJuly 27, 20210 comments
FreeFood Society helps many different communities. And yesterday we distributed 30 food packs to Orang Asli Mualaf (Muslim converts) in Kampung Orang ...
24 July 202120210724013800

24 July 2021

sannyJuly 24, 20210 comments
FreeFood Society extended our help to this community situated at Bandar Tasek Puteri in Rawang. Ustaz Masdek who is with Persatuan kebajikan Warisan A...
23 July 202120210723014200

23 July 2021

sannyJuly 23, 20210 comments
In our effort to reach out to communities around the country, FFS went to Kedah to distribute 100 food packs to Asnafs in the Pedu areas. The recipien...
20 July 202120210720014600

20 July 2021

sannyJuly 20, 20210 comments
Free Food Society (FFS) is excited to announce a recent collaboration with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Berhad (J.P. Morgan) for our ongoing food relief eff...
19 July 202120210719015300

19 July 2021

sannyJuly 19, 20210 comments
There is a village in Pasir Putih Kelantan that not many have heard of. Even the name, Kampung Batu Sebutir, or One Stone Village is one nobody knows....
Food aid: P’sula NGO includes Sabah needy20210717133500
Persatuan Makanan Ehsan Edar 500 Kotak Biskut Kepada Orang Ramai Terjejas PKP20210717021900

Persatuan Makanan Ehsan Edar 500 Kotak Biskut Kepada Orang Ramai Terjejas PKP

sannyJuly 17, 20210 comments
Sabtu lalu, 29 Mei 2021, sejurus kerajaan mengumumkan Printah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) terbaru, sekumpulan individu telah mengedarkan makanan ringan d...