1 April 202320230401041300

1 April 2023

sannyApril 1, 20230 comments
Join us in celebrating our anniversary! As of March 2023, it has been 2 years since we started our organisation. A big thank you goes out to our volun...
18 March 202320230318042600

18 March 2023

sannyMarch 18, 20230 comments
On 6th February 2023, Free Food Society gave 60 food packs to the less fortunate students from the Faculty of Arts and Social science in University Ma...
13 March 202320230313041800

13 March 2023

sannyMarch 13, 20230 comments
On 6th February 2023, FFS sponsored 70 food packs to Al Ikhlas school for Rohingyas in Selayang. 10 were given to Somalian refugees from another schoo...
23 February 202320230223023700

23 February 2023

sannyFebruary 23, 20230 comments
On 20th Jan, FFS received a request for food aid via UNHCR for 23 refugee families from South Sudan. We distributed basic food needs such as rice, oil...
13 February 202320230213023400

13 February 2023

sannyFebruary 13, 20230 comments
FFS is currently planning to launch a Sustainable Community Project. The main goal of this project is to give sustainable assistance to poor communiti...
04 February 202320230204022900

04 February 2023

sannyFebruary 4, 20230 comments
Free Food Society collaborated with Ustaz Dr. Ahmad Faisal Abdul Hamid, in his charity work of Happy Lunch Program at University Malaya. We contribute...
14 January 202320230114045100

14 January 2023

sannyJanuary 14, 20230 comments
K’Cho shelter is a community-run shelter by the Myanmar, Chin refugees. They house about 12-15 refugees who are unable to live on their own, 7 o...
13 January 202320230113044700

13 January 2023

sannyJanuary 13, 20230 comments
Free Food Society took up one step further on helping the society by collaborating with Suriana Welfare Society. After having few meetings with the Su...
03 January 202320230103044300

03 January 2023

sannyJanuary 3, 20230 comments
Although the MCO is over and workers have started getting jobs, it is sad that some are still in need of food aid. The long lockdown led people, espec...
25 November 202220221125140200

25 November 2022

sannyNovember 25, 20220 comments
Earlier this month, we received a food donation request from Puan Nurul Fadzilah, the person-in-charge for Taman Batu Muda, Batu Caves. The recipients...