19 July 2021

There is a village in Pasir Putih Kelantan that not many have heard of. Even the name, Kampung Batu Sebutir, or One Stone Village is one nobody knows. Yet in this village lives a community of mostly elderly kampung folk – some of them with disabled children – who used to be able to depend on their able-bodied sons and daughters who lived and worked in the cities out of Kelantan. Sadly, with the pandemic, many of those sons and daughters have lost their jobs and have not returned to the village for more than a year. Free Food Society (FFS) heard about the plight of these villagers through one of those sons who lives in Kuala Lumpur. With the help of al Fitrah Foundation, FFS sent an emergency 20 food packs to the village on the 4th of July. Then on the 16th of July, FFS with the ground level support of al Fitrah, distributed a further 30 food packs to the village.

Thank you to al Fitrah Foundation for helping us with the logistics for this project. Through sending food aid to remote villages such as Kampung Batu Sebutir in Kelantan, we want to highlight the plight of poor communities in the country. We hope that more people will come forward and support our work.

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