23 September 2021 – Food Aid for Asnaf in Pasir Mas, Kelantan

On 20 August, we once again came to the aid of the poor in Kelantan. We feel heavy-hearted that many income-earning children are unable to help their parents due to job losses.

Through Pertubuhan Kebajikan Baitulhasan Kuala Lumpur, we worked with Ustaz Fahmi to select 100 poor families in Pasir Mas Kelantan. With local support from Al Fitrah Foundation’s Puan Mardhiah, we bought and distributed food packs to these 100 families. The food packs consist of daily necessities: rice, flour, bihun, cooking oil, biscuits, sugar and salt, condensed milk, sardines and soy sauce.

The distribution started on 20 August and continued until 27 August to a total of 7 villages. The recipients were mostly Asnaf and some were parents with school-going children.

Thank you Puan Mardhiah of Al-Fitrah Foundation, Ustaz Fahmi and Ustaz Dino Rizal of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Baitul Hasan for the ground support. Thank you to all our donors for the contributions.

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