22 September 2021 – Food Packs for Students of SMK Sek 16 Shah Alam

“Tak boleh nak gambarkan perasaan gembira dan syukur sangat dapat peluang bantu mereka. Alhamdulillah!” (Puan Rosilawati, HeadMistress of SMK Sek 16 Shah Alam).

SMK Sek 16 Shah Alam organized a campaign for students whose families are affected financially by the pandemic. The event was for those who lost a parent either due to COVID-19 or other illnesses. This year alone, 17 students have lost a parent to COVID-19, 5 others to various illnesses and one has lost both parents. The total number of students in the school who have lost a parent is 88.

We extended food packs sponsored by Jaya Grocer to these 88 students. The students felt touched and the HeadMistress, Puan Rosilawati, and teachers were also very grateful that they were able to help them.

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