23 November 2021

23 November 2021

On 21 October, we distributed 100 food packs to beneficiaries from all over Langkawi. The distribution was organized by Nusral Danir’s team who runs Gerobok Rezeki PRV. The distribution center of the Gerobok Rezeki is Pak Raja Villa (PRV), a resort owned by Nusral. The targeted kampungs and list of recipients were provided by the Jawatankuasa Perkembangan Kawasan Kampung (JPKK) and the relevant ketua kampungs. JPKK is on the ground and they know who is really in need. The list also included the Chung Hwa group, a Chinese community under Mr. Liu. We would like to thank the generous donor who sponsored the food aid in Langkawi through FFS. And we would also like to thank @Gerobok Rezeki for organising and executing the distribution.

While on 28 October, we distributed another 110 food packs to the needy in Langkawi. This time, the distribution was organized by En. Ridzwan Mustafa (Pak Wan). He had helped us distribute in Langkawi previously and also helped us to distribute in Sungai Petani through his relatives there. Even though the situation in Langkawi is slowly improving, many people are still struggling to get back on their feet after losing their income during the many months due to the lockdown.

On 6 November, we also distributed 100 food packs to flood victims in the affected areas in Kampung Hj. Ideris, Daerah Kota Star and Kampung Lubuk Keriang, Daerah Pokok Sena. This is the second emergency food distribution in Kedah after the flooding in Yan. The food packs were bought, packed, and delivered by our partners Food Bank Malaysia

Thank you Pak Wan, Mohd Azrul Mohd Razak and Cikgu Zulkifli Omar. Huge thank you to Hong Leong Foundation for sponsoring the food packs.

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