14 September 2021

Free Food Society in collaboration with Creador Foundation distributed food packs worth RM50 each to 101 B40 families of mixed races living in Impian Baiduri Flat, Petaling Jaya. These families have been hard hit by the effects of the pandemic. Many have lost their source of income. Quite a few are disabled, single mothers and the elderly. The food packs consisting of basic necessities should be able to sustain them for at least 2 weeks or more. The food was supplied by Ra’yat Mart Petaling Jaya who frequently parks his mobile grocery shop in the area and hence is familiar with the community and their needs. We gave them 10kg rice packets instead of our usual 5kg by swapping a few items and with the discount from Ra’yat Mart, we were still able to cap the food packs at RM50.

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