8 September 2021

On 31 August, we made a distribution of 100 food packs to the flood victims in Kg Baru Gurun, Kg Bendang Pasir, Yan and Kg Tok Mat Acheh Yan, Kedah. The flood was extremely vulnerable. Many houses and shops were damaged and people found it difficult to get food supplies.

This is our second emergency distribution to the flood victims in Yan and the surrounding areas. Huge thank you to Cikgu Zulkifli Omar for reaching out to us and execute the distribution. We also thank Food Bank Malaysia for helping us to source the food and deliver them to Cikgu Zul’s team. Never forget all our donors who made this happens.

To donate:

  • Persatuan Makanan Ehsan (Free Food Society)
  • Maybank 5643 2461 7332

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