8 July 2021

The Serai group of restaurants wanted to distribute cooked food. They asked us where the most dire communities are. When we showed them the msg we received after distributing food packs to Kota Damansara PPR where a lady was so thankful bcoz her neighbor had not eaten for days, Serai did not waste anytime and organized distribution of food the very next day. 300 packs of cooked food were distributed to the mixed community living there. The recipients were so thankful. 70% of the recipients have 6-8 persons in a small flat and hardly get a decent meal. They have been sharing tiny portions between siblings. Happiness was seen on their faces when they received food packs according to the number of members in their household. If you would like to donate cash or in kind you may contact us or donate to Persatuan Makanan Ehsan (free Food Society) – Maybank 5643 2461 7332

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