25 August 2021

Free Food Society extended an emergency food relief to Yan, Kedah earlier this week. When we saw photos of the flood and the damage it did to homes and shops, we quickly called cikgu Yusof in Yan to find out how and where we could deliver food aid. Thankfully, cikgu’s house was still OK and with the help of Pertubuhan Bank Makanan Malaysia based in Alor Setar, we managed to organize food delivery to Yan. Thank you to the team at Food Bank Malaysia for purchasing, packing and delivering the food aid at warp speed. We know that the drive to Yan was not easy with the roads blocked and damaged but you guys did it. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to cikgu Yusof for volunteering his house to be the distribution center and managing the distribution. Not only homes but shops are also damaged so there is no where the people of Yan can buy food. Being by the coast, Yan folks eat a lot of fish but now fishermen cannot go out fishing. So we are glad we could give them some relief.

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