23 February 2023

On 20th Jan, FFS received a request for food aid via UNHCR for 23 refugee families from South Sudan. We distributed basic food needs such as rice, oil, wheat flour, baked beans, sugar, powdered milk, canned tuna, tea bags, and vegetables.

Looking back at 2013, a deadly civil war that erupted in South Sudan led to the displacement of millions of people and the loss of thousands of lives. More than two million people have fled to bordering countries in a desperate attempt to find shelter, while many people are still displaced within the country. The root of this conflict could probably be due to political issues that turned into ethnic conflict (ethnic cleansing against the Nuer people), which has led to widespread displacement, more bloodshed, and severe food shortages.

Despite the challenges, there is a clear signs of hope in South Sudan, where they can access basic services and be peace with the collaborative support from their government and international partners such as UNHCR.

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