22 May 2023

22 May 2023

“FFS sustainable food aid for B40 families and tuition for their children”

FFS will start a pilot project in mid June for 75 hardcore poor families in PPR Desa Rejang, Titiwangsa KL, consisting of food aid twice a month and tuition classes every Saturday for 44 primary school children who have registered. The project is proposed to run for a year.

Yesterday, we conducted interviews at PPR Desa Rejang with the help of a team from BAC. We also met up with Athirah, an electronics degree student from UTM who lives nearby and who will help us organize a team of volunteers from UTM to conduct the tuition for our project.

Athirah has been conducting tuition at this PPR on a small scale so she is well aware of the caliber and needs of the children there, many of whom cannot read or write at 7 years of age and some get bullied because they are behind or are afraid of their teachers that they don’t go to school. It’s very sad and FFS hopes that this project will improve the situation.

FFS also hopes that the food aid given to the families of these children can relieve some of their financial burden and divert it towards their schooling. These days, children are given at least RM5 per day as school pocket money and many of the families cannot afford that.

If you wish to help FFS with this project, you may bank in your donation to:

Persatuan Makanan Ehsan (Free Food Society)

Maybank 5643 2461 7332

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