11 March 2022

11 March 2022

On the first day of March, FFS distributed 100 food packs to flood victims at Masjid Al Ehsan, Kg Sg Serai, Batu 11, Hulu Langat. Lorna organized this distribution with the help of the AJK of Masjid Al Ehsan who gave a list of flood victims.

During the recent flood, Batu 11, one of the low-rise areas in Hulu Langat, was badly affected causing many homes to be completely submerged, bringing vehicles to a standstill and leaving many stranded.

Apart from the social consequences, the floodplains leave communities economically vulnerable for a long period of time. Some of the families are still trying to recover from the impacts hence we hope our contribution is able to reduce some of their burdens through these times.

Thank you Lorna and the AJK of Masjid Al Ehsan for the arrangement and assistance.

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