Celebrating the collaboration between Free Food Society and Jaya Grocer

Celebrating the collaboration between Free Food Society and Jaya Grocer

16 November 2021

Free Food Society and Jaya Grocer teams posing together at the collaboration event.

PETALING JAYA: Food aid non-governmental organisation (NGO), Free Food Society (FFS) hosted a collaboration event with supermarket chain, Jaya Grocer, at PJ33.

Jaya Grocer was one of the first few to contribute towards FFS’ food aid programme since it started operations in April 2021.

To date, Jaya Grocer is the largest contributor to the NGO’s food aid efforts – contributing grocery essentials for over 4,200 food parcels valued at over RM330,000.

These food parcels are distributed by FFS to needy groups nationwide.

During the event, FFS president, Datuk Ali Abdul Kadir, expressed his gratitude to the entire Jaya Grocer team for their immense commitment, generosity and support.

Together with Jaya Grocer, FFS has managed to continuously provide food aid to thousands of people in need.

“We are an NGO that strives to help any community in need – regardless of race, religion and creed,” Ali shared.

“Our team is always actively working with local communities to deliver food aid across the country,” he said.

In this special collaboration, Jaya Grocer donated 10,000 eco-friendly grocery bags for FFS’ use in future food pack distributions. These specially-designed bags are completely reusable, making them an important tool to contribute towards the reduction of plastic bag usage too.

Jaya Grocer chief operating officer, Molly Loh, conveyed her sincere appreciation to FFS for their continuous efforts in lending a helping hand, especially during these trying times of a pandemic.

On behalf of Jaya Grocer, she announced their initiative of placing 90 donation boxes in multiple Jaya Grocer outlets across Klang Valley.

Loh hopes these steps taken would help increase awareness of the need for food aid and enable others to contribute towards helping those in need.

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/11/16/celebrating-the-collaboration-between-free-food-society-and-jaya-grocer

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