14 January 202320230114045100

14 January 2023

sannyJanuary 14, 20230 comments
K’Cho shelter is a community-run shelter by the Myanmar, Chin refugees. They house about 12-15 refugees who are unable to live on their own, 7 o...
13 January 202320230113044700

13 January 2023

sannyJanuary 13, 20230 comments
Free Food Society took up one step further on helping the society by collaborating with Suriana Welfare Society. After having few meetings with the Su...
03 January 202320230103044300

03 January 2023

sannyJanuary 3, 20230 comments
Although the MCO is over and workers have started getting jobs, it is sad that some are still in need of food aid. The long lockdown led people, espec...
25 November 202220221125140200

25 November 2022

sannyNovember 25, 20220 comments
Earlier this month, we received a food donation request from Puan Nurul Fadzilah, the person-in-charge for Taman Batu Muda, Batu Caves. The recipients...
22 November 202220221122135900

22 November 2022

sannyNovember 22, 20220 comments
Recently, we found a published article about the plight of Pertubuhan Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Umum Malaysia (PKKUM), an NGO that looks after the welfa...
08 November 202220221108135400

08 November 2022

sannyNovember 8, 20220 comments
FFS recently received a request from the student representative of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Malaya, to support undergrad gr...
04 November 202220221104135000

04 November 2022

sannyNovember 4, 20220 comments
Ting! A message comes in from our collaboration partner, the BAC education group. They highlighted that some refugees called in for food aid and we kn...
31 October 202220221031141128

31 October 2022

sannyOctober 31, 20220 comments
On 6th October 2022, Free Food Society did a small distribution of 50 food packs to Rohingya refugees and other migrants in Kuantan. We delivered the ...
20 October 202220221020141500

20 October 2022

sannyOctober 20, 20220 comments
Here’s a throwback to our food drive in Puncak Borneo, Sarawak. It was an amazing journey and experience for our team as we ventured to distribute 1...
27 September 202220220927142200

27 September 2022

sannySeptember 27, 20220 comments
There’s so much of food that gets wasted, even before it reaches the supermarkets. By growing our own food, we can help reduce our imported fresh fo...